Video Camera Mount

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This Video Camera Mount is available as a bolt on accessory. It is an excellent tool both to learn from reviewing your on track experiences, and to document your opponents actions if necessary. It is also a great way to get sponsors excited about being involved with your racing program



Adjustable Seat Back Brace

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This brace attaches to the back of your racing seat and clamps onto the horizontal brace of the roll bar. It is easily adjustable and meets most Club rules where required.



Additional Weld-in Door Bar



You can order additional weld-in door bars to enhance the side impact protection of your cage. These can be installed parallel or in a "V" pattern.



Additional Bolt-in Door Bar



Additional bolt-in door bars can be ordered with any cage for added side impact protection.



NASCAR Style Door Bar Kit

$75.00 (if ordered with cage) $95.00 (if ordered separately)


This kit includes two bars that bend out into the door frame with two bars that connect them. This is a kit which means it will require final fitting at installation.

*Price is based on ordering with cage and standard door bar is omitted. NASCAR bar kits ordered separately or without trade-in - $95



Dash Bar



The weld-in dash bar may be installed under the dash.



8 Point Weld-In Conversion Kit



The 8 point conversion kit will enable a cage to be extended from the forward down tubes to the fire wall.

This kit will require some final fitting at installation.



Petty Bar



The Petty Bar runs forward diagonally from the center of the main hoop to the front passenger side foot well. While optional on most bars and cages, this is required on cars with no rear leg clearance (ie. Fiero,  914).

This bar generally eliminates use of the passenger seat but can be made removable.



Removable Diagonal and Horizontal Brace



The diagonal and horizontal brace in both competition bars and cages can be made removable.






X-Bracing can be added in a variety of places to enhance a cage, including X-braced door bars or between the rear legs. Prices vary: $65 and up



Tunnel Brace



The tunnel brace is an additional horizontal brace that runs through the main hoop, just above the transmission tunnel.